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During the Second World War there was a shortage of petrol so Australian inventors came up with a conversion kit to run your car or truck on the gas produced from charcoal burning
The Charcoal Burner above was attached to the back of the car or truck. You can see that it is a very heavy conversion kit. The charcoal was placed in the furnace (picture above left), set on fire, the lid firmly bolted shut, and the gasses created were forced down the pipe at the bottom of the furnace and into the pipes (picture above left) which run accross the back of the device and into the final filter.
The final filter can be seen on the left of the picture above right, and the fumes or gasses travelled from the filter top through another pipe to the valve which attaches to or replaces the carburetta which allowed the driver to start the car in petrol mode, and switch over from petrol to charcoal to drive.
Gas producing charcoal burner , alternative fuel used during world war two
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Bags of charcoal being brought into town for sale by H.G.Scholz 1944. Photo taken at Nuriootpa South Australia

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