The German G28T Engine

The German G28T engine is a development of the Model B engine which was produced in 1932/34. Built in Ford Cologne factory until 1955/56 and used widely for commercial vehicals, agricultural and industrial applications. Has same bore and stroke as Model A engine and uses a fuel pump.

Fitted with a counterbalanced crankshaft and uses a lighter flywheel (40 pounds instead of 62.5 pounds) has 2" main bearings and heavier con rods with pressurised lubrication for bearings and camshaft. Uses insert bearings and stellite valve seat rings, Aluminium full length oil pan which requires simple modification to mate with Model A bellhousing and gearbox. Fitted with aluminium gears and has a different water pump design. Cylinder head has higher compression head that standard "A" head a claimed 55/57 BHP instead of 40.

Production date stamped on side of block. The one above was built in Cologne on 5th November 1952.

These are the main differences from the regular motor. The engine is greatly prized by owners who plan to use their Model A's for competition because they are much more robust.

The above was provided by Ian Smith of Scotland., owner of a Sports Coupe A, and a Classic & Vintage car collector.
G28T Engine